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Jadon Copeland of Ness City is the first student sponsored by GBT to be selected for the new NCK Tech Telecommunications and Network Technology Program. Located in Hays, this new program fostered and funded by rural communication companies, including GBT, was developed to re-energize NCK Tech’s telecommunications program and bring talent back to GBT and our local communities. The program requires students to spend time as an Intern at their sponsored companies to gain real-world, hands-on experience and coincide with their coursework. This summer, we were excited to have Jadon join our team as a Combination Technician Intern!

“I had a lot of experiences working with different techs on several projects,” says Jadon. “I worked on construction projects, fiber and wireless Internet installations, security and camera systems, and locates.” Jadon spent the majority of his summer internship working with Tim, GBT Technician in St. John preparing the town with drops for GBT’s upcoming Fiber installations. “I hung a lot of drops. That’s where we run Fiber cabling from the tops of the electric poles to customers’ houses.” Jadon explains.

Over the course of his Internship, Jadon shares his favorite project was shadowing GBT Technician Curtis on the security system for a local school, “The cameras were fun! They were a whole different learning experience,” and his favorite part of the whole summer was getting to meet different people, both the technicians he worked with and the customers.

As Jadon wraps up his internship and heads to Hays to begin schooling, we wish him the best of luck and are looking forward to helping foster his future in the broadband and telecommunications industry!

“This internship has made me excited for the upcoming school year. Not that I know everything they’re going to teach me, but I now have a better knowledge on some basics to get me started in the right direction.”