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For over 70 years, GBT has been working to keep families and businesses connected.

We know that when we connect one home, we’re strengthening the entire community.

Our next chapter is bringing the lightning-fast connection of Fiber Internet to every doorstep in our rural communities.

Why your neighbors chose GBT

Justin H.

Justo’s Automotive, Stafford

“Our business switched to GBT’s Fiber Internet 3 years ago and it’s been awesome! The Internet works great and GBT’s service and customer support is top notch! I’m so excited we get it at our house now too.”

“When I made the decision to get Internet it was either a national company or a local company (GBT). I think it is so important to go local. They have been so good and answer the phone when I call and come out right away.”

Debbie S.

Rural Macksville

“Working with GBT both through my business and the city, GBT has always made conscientious decisions based on the community.  Yes, they’re providing a service, but also they are PART of the community. That’s what makes them different. Larned residents are not just a number on their list. They care about the individual consumer.”

William N.

Mayor, Simmons & Simmons, Inc, Larned

“Over the last 4 years, we’ve had GBT’s Fiber Internet and the experience has been second-to-none. With our business, we rely heavily on high-speed Internet, and to have the reliability of Fiber has been imperative. What separates GBT from other providers is their customer service and accessibility. I would, without hesitation, recommend anyone I know to switch to GBT.”

Chris F.

Carr Auction, Larned

“Since getting GBT’s new Fiber Internet at our church, it has made our live-stream steadier and helped to improve sound quality because of Fiber’s upload speed capabilities. It has also allowed us to be able to stream certain things during services while doing our live stream and not cause interferences! I also love how GBT is fighting for small communities and is always willing to help when a.nd where they can. I would highly recommend getting their Fiber Internet at your home!”

Jacob R.

Pastor, Macksville Christian Church

“I contacted GBT once I found out Fiber Internet was available to me, knowing underground fiber was inherently better than the cable broadband I had used for several years for my home Internet. Since switching, GBT has provided me with a much faster, more reliable Internet connection. Signing up and installation with GBT was quick and easy and their technicians were extremely knowledgeable and highly professional. I could not be more pleased with GBT, their technology, and their staff!”

Tim E.

40 Years of IT Experience, Larned

How to get started

Have you been *meaning* to switch your services to GBT but just haven’t took the plunge yet? We get it! The easiest tasks are sometimes the hardest to check of the list. It’s our goal to make the switch EASY for you. As easy as 1, 2, 3!


Sign up in less than 10 minutes.

Sign up online, over the phone, or at one of our 5 local store locations. 


Sit back, relax. We got this. 


Endless lag-free, fiber-fast enjoyment.

It’s all smiles from here. We promise the switch is easier than you think and you’ll be SO happy you did! 

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